Water scarcity, globally and regionally, is forcing the increased utilization of impaired-quality water sources including seawater, brackish groundwater, wastewater effluent for drinking water and other uses.

Al Yasmeen offers customized solution of our design, performing all detailed engineering, procurement & maintenance services for water treatments systems.       We are looking forward to innovate in the field of Solar Energy, and offering distinctive, reliable solutions to the energy sector in Egypt.              We have a wide reference list in fire fighting network implementation, supplying and installation of water pumps, measuring devices ,pressure vessels and steel pipes, etc..    

Our vision is to be one of the Leading power generation and water desalination in Egypt

and later in the MENA region.

  Al-Yasmeen engineering company objective is opening a new window of Safe & Clean water environment in the Egyptian market, using new technologies and supply's customers with highest quality products....   Commitment to Client
Our company pledges professional services ensuring maximum compatibility with the client’s demands .Our customers success is the key to our success.